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An Invitation to Sponsor Marlow Carnival 2018

As the Marlow Carnival has grown over the last few years the more expensive it has become to fund.

Profit has never been the main motivator for all the work the Carnival Team put into the day. We see it as an opportunity for the various sections of the Marlow Community to show off their wares, introduce people to their clubs, associations, churches and charities. We have progressed enormously over recent years and would hope most agree that it has become an important ‘event’ in the Marlow calendar.

Any revenue above costs goes towards the upkeep of Liston Hall, the home of Marlow Community Association and funds various activities organised by the MCA. As many of you will know the MCA, a charity in itself, offers Liston Hall as a meeting place for many local organisations in town at very reasonable prices. The Hall and two other rooms are suitable for all manner of events from Rehearsal Rooms to Antique Markets, Wine Makers to Model Railway enthusiasts and so many more. A number of initiatives, promoted by the MCA, look towards the welfare of the community.

On a good day the Carnival will attract a steady flow of people from all sections of the community with many families enjoying the delights on offer. A typical head count is around 3000 throughout the day and our web site will give you an idea of what happens on the day.

As an official Sponsor you will enjoy headliner status on the day and poster / banner recognition during the lead up. All sponsors will be recognised on the Carnival web site, which last year attracted almost 2000 hits in the last few weeks leading up to Carnival day. Provision will also be made for a stall if required and the availability for the circulation of advertising material if appropriate.

In fact, there are a number of options to promote your company and we would happily take up an opportunity to discuss the matter with you in more detail.

One thing is certain, the Marlow Community itself will be more aware of who you are, what you are and what you do …… and how generous you have been in the support of this local community event.

For more information contact ...

Lindsay Robinson

mobile: 07730 895547